Some of the best craft beer Sioux Falls has to offer will be served in Cleveland during this year's Republican National Convention.

Fernson Brewing Company will get the esteemed honor of serving their fine craft beer at a three-day event being put on by Magnum Entertainment at the House of Blues in Cleveland during the convention July 18-21, 2016.

According to Fernson Brewing Company Owner Derek Ferholz, it was just serendipitous and dumb luck on how they got chosen to participate.

"One of the managing directors from Magnum Entertainment was in the state hunting pheasants around the time of the Governor's Hunt last fall, he tried our beer and really enjoyed it.”

He enjoyed it so much that Magnum Entertainment chose it to be the only beer served at their VIP event.

Magnum Entertainment expects nearly 1000 people to attend the event each night.

During the second week in July, Fernson Brewing Company will load up a truck en route to Cleveland, filled full of two of the company’s first beers. 24 pallets total, each containing 2,400 beers.

Fernson's goal is to give customers states away a well-rounded choice.

The Sioux Falls Brewing Company also has about 10 other different styles of beer they make throughout the year.

Who knows, the way Fernson's luck has gone lately, maybe even presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump might even stop by the event to try one, and as Trump would say, "Have a lot of fun doing it."

Source: KDLT News

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