Lots of people ride their bikes to work. Maybe not lots, but there are more people than you think who ride their bike instead of driving a car. Some even do it even when the weather really blows.

If you are ride-to-work-curious there is an event on Wednesday morning, August 8, to help you nudge yourself closer to doing it. The Bike to Work Breakfast is a monthly event hosted by the Falls Area Bicyclists to help fill in the blanks if you want to ride to work.

A year-round bicyclist will be there to answer questions from 6:30 A.M until 7:30 A.M. You can also have yourself some breakfast!

The meetup will be at Myer's Deli & More in the CNA building downtown. It's also for people who already ride to work to hang out and chat with others who do the same thing every day.

I rode my bike to work a couple of times. It's not a long ride at all, but when you already get up at 4:30 in the morning, getting up at 4:00 just doesn't sound like fun.

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