Steamy weather for the holiday weekend may be deadly for your pets if you plan to take them on the trip. Be aware of your pet’s welfare this summer.

Sioux Falls Animal Control Supervisor Julie DeJong lays out the facts that vehicle interiors will start baking quickly when temperatures rise.

“In 90-degree weather, a car sitting for ten minutes will increase in temperature to 109 degrees. The normal temperature for a dog is about 100 to 102 degrees. If your pet is sitting in the car for ten minutes on a 90-degree day, (the pet) is going to be experiencing temperatures that are way too hot for it.”

Pets have no ability to perspire which compounds the situation and DeJong says the safest thing for your pet in hot weather is to keep them in air conditioning because other measures are ineffective.

“Leaving your windows cracked and parking in the shade gives the animal very little relief. As much as you want to have your pet with you, I really advise you to leave your pet at home. If you must take your pet with you, lock your doors and leave your (car’s) air conditioning running and make sure there is a water source for your pet.”

DeJong also notes that citations for animal cruelty could be a result of leaving a pet unattended in a hot vehicle.

Since April first, Animal Control has received 45 reports of pets left alone in vehicles with one citation issued during that time period.

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