The Fourth of July is tough on animals. Fireworks startle pets, causing them to become anxious and afraid and often times, if they're able, forcing them to runaway in search of safety.

Myself, I have two dogs. Two Wire Fox Terriers, Taylor, and Jude. Jude is impervious to most load noises. She could care less that some jackhole is detonating The Godfather display in his front yard, down the street.

Taylor, on the other hand, detests three things in life. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and football. The reason she hates the first two are fairly obvious, loud noises. She loathes football season because I am a Miami Dolphins fan, and Miami rarely wins, causing me to put on my own fireworks display most Sundays, which sends her running for shelter in the bathtub or underneath a bed somewhere in the house wearing her comfort coat.

A large number of pets have similar reactions to loud noises like my dog Taylor. Therefore, making the Fourth of July and (July 5) two of the busiest days for Animal Control and the Sioux Falls Humane Society.

KDLT News is reporting, by 7 AM on (July 5), Animal Control in Sioux Falls had already responded to nearly three dozen calls for stray or missing animals.

Sioux Falls Animal Control Officer Missy John told KDLT News, “The Humane Society is very full and a lot of those animals came in from yesterday and it is extremely preventable, but we are here to try to help and reunite. We hope that next year we have a decrease in these kinds of calls."

Humane Society Officer Andy Oestreich told KDLT, the Humane Society works hand in hand with Sioux Falls Animal Control officers to reunite people and their pets.

The good news, the Humane Society says they've seen fewer stray animals this year, compared to last year’s Fourth of July holiday season. There were 54 lost pets in 2016 over the Fourth, and 24 as of the morning of (July 5) this year.

Getting your lost pet back can be somewhat of a spendy proposition at times.

People who have missing animals that turn up at the Humane Society will need to pay a 30 dollar impound fee to get their pet back. They could also face additional citations for their animal running at large, not having its rabies shots or a proper city license.

Each one of those citations carry a $95 fine according to the KDLT News report.

Source: KDLT News

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