The other day a friend of mine was telling a story about his wife and used the phrase, "She's funny that way." What? What's that suppose to mean? Well, here's what it means.

From everything I've been able to find, It's a phrase commonly used to describe the "humorous side of a woman; particularly the things she does and says."

I really had no idea. I've never heard that phrase used before - that is, until my friend used it to describe his wife.

Here's another thing I learned, the phrase even has its own day. Every March 31st is National She's Funny That Way Day.

AND back in 1931, a song was even written about the saying. It was used in the movie Gems of M-G-M. The chorus went like this:

'I'm not much to look at,

I'm nothing to see.

'I've got a woman crazy 'bout me,

she's funny that way'"

Since then, the song has been re-recorded by many women under the title "He's Funny That Way" - Billy Holiday, Mary Osborne, Etta James and Liza Minnelli.

I wasn't able to find out though who first used the phrase - or, at least, who's credited with coming up with the phrase - so my quest continues.

Isn't it funny how certain words or phrases are used? I'm fascinated by the spoken word - how words are used, what they mean, their origin.

I'll let you in on a little secret - I carry a dictionary with me in my car. It's so whenever I have free time on my hands I can reach for my dictionary and learn a new word.

I know, kind of silly, but words have always fascinated me - and when my friend said, "She's funny that way" I just had to find out what it meant.

So guys, the next time you see your wife or girlfriend doing something goofy, or she says something odd, remember, "She's funny that way!" All you can do is love 'em!

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