While most of us were asleep on Thursday morning, police say a trio of suspects were busy breaking into an ATM at a Sioux Falls credit union. Police think this burglary could be connected to other ATM burglaries nationwide.

Around 4:05 on Thursday morning, Sioux Falls Police received a report that an ATM near Oxbow Park had been ripped apart. When police arrived, they found parts of the ATM scattered across the parking lot. Dakota News Now says police are unsure how much money was taken from the ATM.

Police say it's tough to get a description of the suspects because they were wearing clothing that covered their bodies along with face masks. Police saw three suspects on a surveillance video, but it's unclear if there are more people involved.

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Police say a van that was stolen from a nearby business was used to break the ATM open. It's thought that the suspects connected a log chain between the van and the ATM to break it open. Police found the van near 49th Street and Kiwanis Ave.

Police say this burglary may be connected to other Sioux Falls ATM burglaries. Police also believe that these local burglaries are part of a larger nationwide ring because the Sioux Falls burglaries have similar characteristics to those in other states.

Police are asking the public to come forward with any information that could be useful in this investigation. Submit an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire at 367-7007 or at their website.

In an unrelated story, five more cars were stolen in a 24 hour period in Sioux Falls. Police remind people to lock their car doors.

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