Tipping is stupid. We are the only country that does it. But I also believe in tipping generously because that's what servers rely on for their income. So if you can't or don't want to tip the server because you have a beef with the system or because of a policy of the restaurant, or a city ordinance or mandate, don't eat there. Either way you only hurt the person working hard for you.

"Get rid of masks, tips will be bigger." wrote the customer.

The statement assumes that server Ali Siverhus had the power to not require the wearing of masks in the restaurant. Even if the city had not ordered the use of masks, why would he think it was up to the server as to whether or not a hunk of cloth must be worn on customers' faces? Maybe it was his first time in a restaurant?

Again, tipping is a stupid institution. Why should I pay an optional amount to the person directly representing the business to the customer instead of the restaurant? For some waitstaff, it is a gamble worth taking as tips can be really good. For others not so much. If not for tipping, your food would cost more and it would limit servers' potential income.

Thinking tipping is stupid and being a generous tipper when eating in a restaurant are not mutually exclusive ways for one person to think. I worked in restaurants in college and high school and tips were by far my primary income in those places. So if you can't tip a minimum of 15 percent, get takeout.

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