We heard rumors that the fast-food chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was coming to Sioux Falls. That rumor was confirmed to be a FACT, with the first location opening in Sioux Falls in mid-June.

But then there was a rumor of a second Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location. That rumor can now also be considered a FACT. According to the Argus Leader and the Sioux Falls Business Journal, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen has confirmed a second location will be opening their doors on Louise Avenue.

The second location of Popeyes will be opening in the location of the old office building of Dress for Success on Louise Avenue between 49th and 57th streets. The old building will be torn down, and the new location for Dress for Success will be 620 W. 18th Street in Sioux Falls.

It is estimated that about 35 employees will be hired for each of the Popeyes locations.

According to the Sioux Falls Business Journal, managers have already been hired for the first Popeyes location at 2208 E. 10th Street with an expected opening date sometime in mid-June.

But could there be additional locations in the making for Sioux Falls? Well, there is a rumor that two more Sioux Falls locations could possibly be in the works.

Popeyes is known for its spicy fried chicken, biscuits and sides.

Source: Argus Leader

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