UPDATE: According to Sheriff Tim Cameron of St. Mary's County the shooter in today's incident at Great Mills High School is dead.

One of the victims, a male, is in stable condition. A second victim, a female, is still in critical condition.

According to Cameron a school resource officer exchanged fire with the shooter. The student fired one round at the officer and missed. The officer returned fire once. They would not say if the officer's shot was the one that killed the shooter at this time.

UPDATE: According to NBC4 in Washington, a student entered Great Mills High School, pulled out a gun, shot two students and then exchanged fire with a school resource officer.

"The shooter exchanged fire with a school resource officer on campus and was wounded, Cameron said. All three students are in critical condition, but the officer wasn’t injured. It wasn’t yet clear how the gunman was wounded."

UPDATE: Students are being evacuated from Great Mills High School.

UPDATE: According to the Baltimore Sun, three people were injured in the incident.

"No fatalities have been confirmed in the shooting at the school at 21130 Great Mills Road, which happened just before 8 a.m., county spokesman Tony Jones said from the emergency operations center. Two of the victims are students, Jones said. None of the victims’ conditions were released."

One student who was interviewed by the Sun reported hearing a shot at around 8:00 AM.

"He started running, heading to a first-floor bathroom before thinking to himself, 'This is a dead end.' He turned to instead sprint toward the nearest exit. Out of the corner of his eye, [Terrence] Rhames said, he saw a girl fall."

UPDATE: "FBI agents are on the scene of a shooting at a high school in southern Maryland," as reported by the Associated Press. "FBI spokesman David Fitz says the agents are there to assist the local sheriff's office and he had no immediate information about injuries or fatalities at Great Mills High School."


According to multiple sources, there has been a shooting at a school in Maryland.

St. Mary's County Public Schools posted the following on their website: "There has been a shooting at Great Mills High School. The school is on lock down the event is contained, the Sheriff's office is on the scene additional information to follow."

Parents are being told by local authorities to stay away from the school.

The Associated Press reported that "The office of the county sheriff said there was an "incident" at the school, and asked parents to stay away from the campus, reporting instead to Leonardtown High School instead."

More information as it becomes known.

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