If you look at the headlines around the country you can see that South Dakota is not alone when it comes to a school bus driver shortage.

According to Schoolbusfleet.com we read:

  • Districts Raising Pay to Attract, Retain School Bus Drivers
  • District Decreases School Bus Service Due to Driver Shortage
  • Contractors Connect on Recruiting Strategies
  • District May Allow Teachers to Drive School Buses

An inspiring story from KSFY TV leads us to one woman's quest to rally others like her.

Danae Ketterling is a stay-at-home mom.  She has children of her own that are now going to school. And she has free time.

First of all what mother has free time?

According to KSFY Ketterling was recruited to become a school bus driver. And to her credit Ketterling has found other mothers leaving their kids off to school and going back to an empty house and encouraged them to get behind the bus steering wheel.

With a split driving schedule which is the biggest problem and a huge reason for the driver shortage Ketterling gets to drive her child to school every day and be there to pick them up after school.

Imaging this - as a mom Ketterling goes from being a mom of one to a mom of about 70 other kids during their ride to school.

How rewarding is that?

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