With the 2012 Crosby, Stills & Nash tour wrapped up, the band wants to make sure they stay in your mind and on your phones until they release more new music and hit the road again, so they've joined the phone app revolution.

The CSN app is the first subscription-based iPad app for a recording artist to be approved for sale in the Apple App Store. Developed by James Raymond, the son of David Crosby and the CSN band piano player, the app provides an overview of CSN's career with links to their website, social media sites and iTunes.

For $3.99 a month -- or $39.99 a year -- you will have access to exclusive content, updates and premium fan features. Crosby tells us that in addition to the CSN app, there will also be one for Crosby-Nash and one for himself. He says his app is where he will most likely release the new music he has been working on -- one song a month for a year or more.

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