UPDATE 5/21/2018:

It appears that Jonathan Cain and his Journey bandmate Neal Schon have finally buried the hatchet after being unhappy with each other for much of the past year.

Schon had been upset about Cain's reluctance to record a new album, their concert song selection, Cain sharing his religious beliefs from the stage and a White House visit by the rest of the band.

Cain tells an Albany, New York radio station that he and Schon have "just finished five days of rehearsal" for Journey's tour with Def Leppard in 2018 and that he thinks they've "completely reset with each other." Cain says he's looking forward to "a great tour.

UPDATE: Jonathan Cain seems pretty confident that he and Neal Schon will be able to put last year's sniping behind them when they hit the road with Def Leppard this summer.

Cain tells Rolling Stone that it wasn't hard to deal with Schon bashing him on social media last year. "It's kind of like if you have a fight with your wife. You live in the same house. You have to weather it and overcome it... You go through these things and you gotta get out the steam. Everybody has to vent. Then it's like, 'OK, you said what you said. You said how you feel. Let's move on.' That's how I feel. Let's hit reset and make great music."


Although Journey has another seven weeks of touring ahead of them, including Sioux City's Hard Rock Hotel on June 30th with Asia, Neal Schon is pulling no punches regarding the fact that he and Jonathan Cain, Journey's hit-writing keyboardist, are ending their partnership of over 35 years.

Cain, who was drafted to replace co-founder Gregg Rolie in time for the writing and recording of the band's 1981 breakthrough album Escape, has co-written such classics as "Don't Stop Believin'," "Open Arms," "Stone In Love," "Who's Crying Now," "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" -- as well as composing "Faithfully" all on his own.

Remeber backstage in April, during the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jonathan Cain couldn't be more generous and emotional when creating Journey's legendary songs with Neal Schon and Steve Perry:

"For me it was the songwriting brotherhood that we shared. I had no idea when they came to San Francisco and Neal and the guys would have me come up -- and we would write those incredible songs together. It was just something supernatural -- divine intervention if you call it (that) -- but it was God-given and I'll never forget it. I look back at what we've all accomplished and that's what I'll remember Steve for; being the amazing songwriting partner."

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