Journey's return residence at The Joint at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be peppered with full performances of the band's early-'80s classics Escape and Frontiers.

The band performed the albums last night (May 3rd) during the run's opening night and will tackle the full albums again on May 10th and 17th.

Jonathan Cain said that he's glad that Frontiers has been restored to its full glory:

"It's kind neat to see Frontiers out there, also in its entirety. The album is now put back together exactly like we made it. Y'know, we don't have to worry about the time restrictions, so Frontiers (now) has 'Only The Young' on it, it has 'Ask The Lonely' on it -- y'know, the two songs that we pulled. I didn't pull, but the band had decided to pull. So, when you listen to Frontiers now, it's the way we actually recorded it, and it's quite a great record with those two songs that were originally supposed to be in it, y'know?"

Catch Journey in concert at Sioux City's Hard Rock's Battery Park on June 30th!

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