I was reading a story the other day about the Wisconsin Legislature legalizing robot delivery vehicles. So if a robot delivers my pizza, do I still have to tip?

No, I'm serious. Am I still expected to tip a robot of he - she - it - delivers my pizza to my front door? I say, "No."

But what if there's a live video camera attached and there's a person on the other end talking to you? Am I still expected to "dig a little deeper?"

I still stay, "No tip for you." Unless there's a real-live, air-breathing, eye-blinking human on the other side of the door with a hot pizza in hand, I refuse to tip.

And that leads me to this question.

Here lately I've been seeing more and more restaurants with tip jars next to the cash register or drive-thru window hinting a tip would be appreciated - even if I'm picking it up?

Come on! That's taking it a bit far if you ask me. Why should I tip for you doing your job? You're paid to make pizza - you made me a pizza - job done.

Now if I ask you to deliver my pizza to my front door, that's different. If that's the case, then yes, you deserve a tip for the convenience of delivering my pizza to my house.

Maybe I'm starting to show my age but it seems like everyone now expects a tip for doing their job. Wasn't tipping originally intended for going over-and-above what was expected?

When did tipping become an expected gesture rather than an occasional gesture? If you ask me, eating out has gotten much to complicated.

Now that I think about it, maybe 'll just stay home and make a pizza myself; it'll be much easier. But then again I don't have all the ingredients.

Wonder if I can get the grocery store robot to deliver what I need?

Source: Associated Press

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