This kid is well on his way to becoming whipped.

This outrageous relationship contract, ostensibly signed between kids in the eighth grade who are dating, has found internet infamy after it was posted on Twitter. It's like a junior high prenup, if the junior high was in the middle of the Crips' turf.

Now, we don't know the parties involved, but we get the sense that this couple is on the fast track to appearing on Judge Mathis. No man should ever consider dating someone who has four stipulations regarding hoes. What kind of school are they attending where this is such a concern?

Whatever the nuances of this relationship, we get the very strong sense the girl is holding all the cards, especially since she won't allow him to break up with her.

Man, whatever happened to the days of young kids in love just going out to the malt shop without having to worry about violating a contract by looking at any of the hoes in the booth across the way? Life was so much simpler then.

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