Can you really find rattlesnakes in Minnesota? You Betcha.

Believe it or not, certain rattlers are native to the land of ten thousand lakes, you just have to know where to find them.

Most of the state is free of rattlesnakes but there is a small area in which they are commonly seen.

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credit: Young Forest Website/Life Underfoot via YouTube
credit: Young Forest Website/Life Underfoot via YouTube

The range of the timber rattlesnake stretches into southeastern Minnesota. The snake is most commonly found along bluffs, cliffs, and near the river's edge.

According to the experts, and despite popular myths, timber rattlesnakes are not aggressive animals. While it's true that they are venomous, they only attack when threatened. So if you're thinking of hiking, fishing, or hunting in the area where they live, chances are, you'll be just fine.

In fact, timber rattlesnakes are often referred to as the "gentleman of venomous snakes". You're not likely to hear of any timber rattlesnake attacks because they're not aggressive animals.

If you hear them rattle their tail though, there's a reason for it. Mostly it's to let you know they're around so you won't accidentally step on them. Although sometimes bullsnakes tend to mimic rattlesnakes by shaking the end of their tails as well, so it may not always be a rattler you're hearing.

You can find more information on the timber rattlesnake in the links below. Also, check out this informative YouTube video on them as well. It shows just how docile these creatures are.

Story Source: Young Forest Website

Story Source: Life Underfoot via YouTube

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