When you receive a half dollar coin in change do you save it or recirculate it back into the economy? Most of us would spend it...but there is a $2,400 reason to at least check it for these small details which could make you a lot richer than fifty cents.

First, John F. Kennedy is on the American 50 cent piece since 1964, a year after his assassination. Granted, most 50 cent coins are worth just that...50 cents. But, take a look at these small details to see if have one of the rare 50 cent coins.

1. The coin has to be minted in 1972.
2. Is the "mint mark" a letter "D"? The mint mark is a small letter above the year, or at the base of Kennedy's neck. The letter "D" means it was minted in Denver.
3. The designer of the 1972 half dollar was Frank Gasparro and his initials "FG" are on the reverse side of almost all half dollar coins. (Located under the eagles left leg). BUT if those initials are not there this coin is special.

According to Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) that particular coin could be worth $2,400.

So, the coin you're looking for is a 1972 Denver minted JFK 50 cent piece with the letters "FG" absent from the coin. 

See the 1972 coin in large detail here and why it was recently valued at $2,485.13.

Mint mistakes are quite rare and a subject of fascination by collectors.

A Tik-Tok video from numismatic @djlacurajiminian revitalized this fascinating nugget  and now people everywhere are checking their collections. Good luck!

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