There are no dumb questions. There are, however, lot of dumb people who ask questions.

Never has that been more evident than in this video compiling questions asked about pregnancy on Yahoo! Answers.

To be more specific the questions aren't so much about being pregnant as they are about being pregant, pragnent, pargant, gregnant, pregegnant, pergenat, bregant, pregananant and so many more creative misspellings for a word that it sounds like the people typing in the queries really ought to know. It's an English teacher and copy editor's nightmare. But let's be honest, because there are two things to consider here:

1. People don't exactly practice perfect good acceptable mediocre grammar online. Just go to any YouTube comments section for proof.
2. If you're crowdsourcing on Yahoo about a subject like this, then we have no problem believing you can't spell "pregnant."

These are folks who didn't even think to call a doctor, check WebMD or even ask Siri. We'd be willing at least one of these people is asking a question about pregnancy because of an encounter they had with someone from Tinder, yet they don't realize there are other options besides Yahoo! Answers. Maybe they ought to check their Friendster account to find out the world has moved on.

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