A city that is known for having a number of beautiful, unique pieces of artwork is about to get another new sculpture this spring.

A new 25-foot sculpture will soon be joining things like the Arc of Dreams, the Statue of David, all the sculptures that line the streets of downtown Sioux Falls on the SculptureWalk, and the various other pieces of artwork that can be found in the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center and other parks and buildings throughout the Sioux Empire.

Dakota News Now is reporting the Porter Sculpture Park along I-90 that is already famous for its signature sixty-foot Bull’s Head will soon be getting a 25-foot rabbit sculpture to join the unique pieces already on display.

Construction is being done right now on this new sculpture that will soon be part of the Porter Sculpture Park located near the Montrose exit on I-90, about half an hour from Sioux Falls.

The artist, Wayne Porter, is working on his latest project that is partially made up of a series of steel pipes that will help to make up the body and legs of his latest 25-foot creation.

The park and its various pieces of artwork will be on full display again this spring to the public when the Porter Sculpture Park opens again in May.

Source: Dakota News Now

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