You've heard of porch pirates - those who steal packages delivered to front porches - well the United States Postal Service has decided it's time to fight back.

In some of the bigger cities around the country the USPS is actually placing fake packages on front steps of homes in hopes that they'll be stolen.

What the thief doesn't realize though is inside the package is a GPS tracking device that can be traced back to them.

In Arizona, for example, it's gotten to the point where porch pirate thieves are now actually dressing like mail carriers so no one suspects anything out of the ordinary.

They've even been known to walk up to a house holding empty decoy boxes, leaving them out front and then taking off with full boxes that have already been delivered.

What thieves need to know though is that impersonating a federal employee is a crime in-and-of-itself. So all you porch pirates - you've been warned!

Source: ABC Radio News

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