If you have a lot of stress your hair will turn gray. Think that's an old wives' tale? Actually, we thought it was but then last week some scientists found out there's a definite link. However, there are many wives' tales that have been debunked - at least to Twitter fans posting under the thread #WivesTalesDebunked.

Eating turkey doesn't actually make you tired. It's more of the booze and carbs in my case.

Eating chocolate does not cause acne. It's more of the high fat and sugar that can change your complexion.

A penny dropped from the Empire State Building will not kill you.

Eating tons of carrots will not really improve your vision.

You won't catch a cold going outside with wet hair.

You really can go swimming after a meal. Told you, mom.

Swallowed gum does not take 7 years to digest.

If you keep doing that you'll go blind. I'm not touching that one.

Humans actually use more than 10% of their brains. But it may seem like that driver in front of you isn't.

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