Ladies, if you're trying to be safe and not start a family at this point in your life, you'll want to pay close attention to this story.

If you're currently using the popular Taytulla birth control pills - a problem has been discovered. The pills may lead to unintended pregnancies.

Because of a packaging error, parent company Allergan has decided to voluntarily recall all their Taytulla birth control pills.

The company says the first four days of therapy had four placebos instead of active capsules.

The packs should have contained pink capsules with oral contraceptive hormones for the first 24 days, followed by four days of maroon capsules without hormones.

Allergan says reversing the order of the pills could have gone unnoticed by women who take it, therefore the packets are being recalled.

The company is currently investigating the mix-up and advising anyone who uses their birth control pills to return them to their physicians.

Source: Stat News

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