Sioux Falls Police say the man arrested and charged in five armed robberies in the city is believed to be the same person who called three times with information about the holdups.
Domach Kong Khai, 21, was arrested Friday night on five counts of first-degree robbery, and Information Officer Sam Clemens says it's believed Khai called from a blocked number on December 6th, December 27th and January 7th with information about the robberies.

Clemens says some of the details were inaccurate, but some were not, including details about the five robberies that police had not made public. Clemens says the caller gave information about a suspect that is not believed to have been accurate.

He says although the number the caller was using was blocked, police were able to trace it, and they asked that person to come and talk with detectives. He says that person turned out to be Khai, who was arrested Friday night.

A search of Khai's apartment turned up several robbery-related items.

For the record, the robberies were:

Caseys, 701 S. Sycamore Ave on 11/11/2012
Caseys, 701 S. Sycamore Ave on 12/06/2012
Get N Go, 5400 E. Arrowhead Parkway on 12/25/2012
Gas Stop, 3000 E. 26th St on 12/30/2012
Cones Amoco, 1027 S. Cleveland Ave on 01/07/2013

Khai was to be in court Monday afternoon.