In life, we talk a lot about the 'planets aligning' as a figure of speech to indicate when the universe seems to be signaling that the time is right to do something.

Well, this weekend in the skies over South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota some of the actual planets in our solar system are going to align.


About an hour before sunrise Saturday morning in the eastern sky, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will appear in a row.

That's the good news for all of you astronomy lovers out there.

But there's even better news: you won't need telescope is needed to see the alignment. It should be visible to the naked eye.

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And there will be a couple of bonus sightings as well.

The crescent moon will also align with the planetary trio, glowing between Mars and Saturn.

And if that's not enough, the International Space Station will also make bright passes over the United States before sunrise on Saturday and Sunday.

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