Could this be the weekend you win $172 million?

It will be, if you pick the right numbers for Saturday's (July 15) Powerball drawing.

If you've been sticking to picking your birthday and anniversary numbers (guilty) or just rolling the dice on quick picks (again, guilty), it may be tine for a new approach.

The Daily Mail says new research has uncovered a set of numbers most likely to come up and a set less likely to come up.

After crunching the numbers from more than 1,500 drawings in 15 different countries, the 'experts' say they have noticed some trends.

The luckiest number out there is 16. It has been drawn 191 times in the past year, more than any other number. Next is 22, which was picked 179 times. The rest of the 'lucky five' are (in order of frequency) 28, 37, and 6.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 'unlucky five' are 18, 46, 40, 41, 32, and 36.

But before you make plans for the millions you think you're going to be raking in, keep this in mind - based on these numbers, even 16 (the most frequently picked number) is only selected about 13 percent of the time, which means there's a whopping 87 percent chance it won't be.

In fact, the 16 ball has only been pulled once in the Powerball since the middle of March.

All of the sudden, birthdays, anniversaries, and quick picks don't sound so bad.

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