Friends of slain actress Lana Clarkson picketed outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Thursday (March 14th) during a screening of HBO's movie, Phil Spector, which airs on March 24th on HBO. Clarkson's supporters feel the Al Pacino vehicle glories her killer and casts doubt on the events of her murder by Phil Spector. Spector is currently serving 19 years to life at Corcoran State Prison for Clarkson's 2003 murder. Former Clarkson rep Edward Lozzi, told The Hollywood Reporter, "To see that this film was going to be made was a slap in the face. We were so happy Phil Spector was in prison." Lozzi was one of three men holding signs that read: "HBO's Phil Spector murders the truth. No Emmy for the film that hurts people alive today."

HBO claims that the film is an interpretive work of fiction, releasing a statement, which reads: "Mamet approaches the story of Phil Spector as a mythological one, not as a news story, and the film is not an attempt to comment upon the trial or its outcome. HBO's goal is to provide a creative platform for three great artists -- David Mamet, Al Pacino and Helen Mirren -- to explore this complex chapter in recent cultural history. While there may be many disparate interpretations of the film's intentions, we feel the film speaks for itself."

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