Peer pressure by friends can make people do things they may regret. "You can definitely jump that ditch with your truck." or "One more shot of tequila won't hurt," usually doesn't end well.

A man in Greensboro, North Carolina succumb to peer pressure and it set him up financially for the rest of his life.

James Gibbs Jr. was in a local convenience store to buy a cup of coffee when he saw a friend. Gibbs' friend suggested they buy a few lottery tickets. One of the tickets was a winner, but the store didn't have enough money on hand to pay it out.

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Gibbs said his friend suggested they go across the street to a different store. While in the new store Gibbs pressed his luck again with a few more scratch-off tickets.

“The first one had $20 on it,” Gibbs recalled. “And the second one had the big prize on it.”

That big prize was $2 million.  Did a big prize like that change Gibbs?

“I’m still just me,” Gibbs told North Carolina Lottery officials. “Enjoy life and do what you can as far as helping other people.”

Even though this is a life-changing amount of money, Gibbs said life will continue on pretty much as usual.

As for what he has planned for the cash, Gibbs said, “A big portion of this will go to the church I attend. I can do some more remodeling work to my house and just keep on working."

Gibbs had a choice of two ways to get paid, a 20-year annuity with yearly payments of $100,000 or a lump sum of $1.2 million, which is an option he took. After all taxes, Gibbs will take home $849,000.

That amount should set him up with enough coffee money for life.

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