An iconic symbol of peace turns 60 years old today (2/21) - the 'peace' sign.

You know - the peace sign, that circle with a vertical line down the center with two smaller lines radiating downward at angles.

It's also referred to sometimes as the 'ban the bomb' symbol. It was first used in 1958 when demonstrators held up the sign during a "ban the bomb" march in London.

The peace sign was first used in the United States later that same year when a pacifist protester sailed his small boat near a scheduled United States nuclear test site.

It was later used during civil rights marches across the south and appeared at anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

Today the symbol not only stands for peace but has also become the general logo of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament worldwide.

It was designed by graphic artist Gerald Holtom based on the letters N and D, representing nuclear disarmament.

To read more about the history of the 'peace' sign, go to the Got Questions website.

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