The streets of Downtown Sioux Falls may be getting a makeover soon.

During the next city council meeting, adding parklets to certain streets in the downtown area will be discussed.

According to Dakota News Now, parklets are becoming popular in a number of cities across the U.S., including Kansas City and two members of the Sioux Falls City Council believe that adding the parklets downtown may bring in more business.

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Councilwoman Christine Erickson and Councilman Patrick Starr are both hoping that adding a pilot program would be beneficial for the city and downtown business' alike.

 These are a great concept. What we wanted to do is just pilot this. This really came from the business owner that they wanted to have some other way to extend their business, allow people to social distance, and still enjoy a hot cup of coffee and just be outside in our weather.

-Sioux Falls City Councilwoman, Christine Erickson

But what exactly is a parklet anyway? According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), parklets are public seating areas that sit curbside to encourage outdoor dining at adjacent restaurants.

For more information on what a parklet is, watch this informative video from the Audiopedia.

The Sioux Falls City Council Tuesday evening to discuss the possibility of adding a pilot program for the parklets.

For the full story on the parklets, and to stay up to date on the issue going forward, check out the Dakota News Now page.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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