I can only imagine what it was like for customers inside at the time and how it played out when they got home. So, how was breakfast? Fine, nothing out of the ordinary - except for the pants-less man who dropped through the ceiling. That's what happened recently at a Birmingham, Alabama Waffle House.

Can you imagine the guy plotting his crime? First, I'll go to the bathroom. Then, I'll take off my pants, Then I'll use the pants to tie the bathroom door shut, then I'll climb onto the ceiling and steal all the money. But instead of stealing the money, he fell through the ceiling and into the dining room, where he fought with people who were eating.

Wearing only his underpants, he then fled the scene - forgetting, however, that his driver's license was still in his pants pocket back in the bathroom. Police are still looking for the guy - and here's a shocker, they think he may have been on drugs.

Source: USA Today

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