The search for a missing pack of wolves remains ongoing as neighbors' concerns in the community continue to grow.

The wolves escaped The Wildlife Science Center last week and have only been spotted a few times since.

Because the animals were bred in captivity, the Science Center has stated that they are not a danger to the public, but workers are concerned for their safety.

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The main concern for many of the area residents is that they were not initially notified when the wolves escaped. They believe the animals could pose a danger to their pets, since they are likely hungry and anxious.

Workers at The Wildlife Science Center believe the wolves initially escaped last week because the pack feared it had lost its youngest cub. In reality, the cub was being bottle-fed by the staff at the time.

Originally, four wolves left the Wildlife Science Center last week. Sadly, it's now believed only three now remain, as one was struck by a vehicle last week.

The Wildlife Science Center in Anoka County is home to not only wolves but also, black bears, bobcats, cougars, lynx, and red-tailed hawk, among others.

For an in-depth look at this story, check out the article from Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul. You can also see a video on the wolves from Fox 9 at the YouTube link below.


Story Source: Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul via YouTube

Story Source: The Wildlife Science Center of Minnesota

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