An online video game based around the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook has family members and friends of victims (and pretty much everyone else) outraged.

'The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary' let's players 'be' killer Adam Lanza on that fateful day, with the virtual Lanza shooting at students and teachers.

The inventor, Ryan Jake Lambourn, defends his 'game' by saying that after growing up in Houston, he moved to Australia where they made sweeping changes to their gun control laws after a 2001 massacre there.

Lambourn says a year after Sandy Hook, there still hasn't been any meaningful change in the U.S. Lambourn also created a 'game' about the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre in which 32 people were killed.

Maybe it's my age showing again, but it makes me sick, and afraid for future generations. Hell, it makes me afraid for THIS generation. We grew up in what we thought at the time was a very tumultuous era. It's nothing compared to today. People seemingly have become desensitized to violence. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and say that video games are the sole blame, but crap like this, you can certainly say contribute to it.

Lambourn was asked point blank by a relative of teacher Victoria Soto, who was killed at Sandy Hook, how playing a game that recreates how she died, would be beneficial. His response was that he weighed the cost/benefit analysis and he judged the potential benefit was greater than the potential damage.

His response is another example of the 'me' generation that sadly we now live in.