If you're looking for a job that includes great benefits, you may want to check out your nearest neighborhood Starbucks coffee shop. The company is now offering all its U.S. employees subsidized backup care for children or adult family members.

What that means is, if you have a child or adult family member who comes down sick and is unable to go to school or daycare, Starbucks will find someone to help out while you're at work - no more using them as an excuse to stay home.

The way the plan will work is employees will get up to 10 days a year to use when regular care is unavailable. Employees can get in-home backup care for just a dollar an hour, or use a company-approved childcare center costing five dollars a day.

Starbucks is offering this perk to all its U.S. employees through a company called Care.com. The company specializes in connecting people to caregivers.

Source: ABC News

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