The South Dakota Republican Party is hosting a Freedom Rally on Saturday with renowned author David Horowitz as the keynote speaker.

David Horowitz
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To be a featured guest at a Republican event was inconceivable for Horowitz as a young man whose parents led him toward Communism. However, tragedy was the turning point for Horowitz.

“The Black Panther Party murdered my friend and the left supported them. When the left was successful in forcing America out of Vietnam and the Communists proceeded to slaughter two and a half million people there were no protests against that. I voted for Ronald Regan in 1984 and have been a conservative ever since.”

Horowitz believes President Trump gains support because he goes on the attack which most Republicans are loathe to do.

“Republicans are too polite. Whenever I see a Republican square off with a Democrat it looks to me like Godzilla versus Bambi. The Democrat is going to be calling the Republican a racist, sexist, homophobe and an Islamophobe. Meanwhile the Republican will be calling the Democrat a liberal.”

There is no irony according to Horowitz that President Trump as a former Democrat now Republican comes out swinging.

"I call people who have come over from the left 'Second Thoughters' as in people who had second thoughts (about their positions). The left are like missionaries going out and trying to change the world. Conservatives talk like accountants worrying about the cost of this and that, but don't have the missionary fervor. That handicaps them in the political wars."

In order for the country to succeed, Horowitz says there needs to be a shift back to principles of individual freedom and accountability rather than placing a label on someone.

"We shouldn't judge people by their skin color or their origins. The Democratic party wants everybody to judge you on the basis of your skin color, origins, gender and sexual orientation."

The Republican affair will directly compete with the South Dakota Democrats’ McGovern Day dinner with both events to be held at the Sioux Falls Ramkota. Democrats will have a highly-touted guest in their own right with Minnesota Congressman and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison as the featured guest.

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