Granted it’s New Year’s Eve and celebrations are going to happen. Nonetheless, the message remains the same from Sioux Falls Police, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Officers will be on alert to ensure safe travels for the holiday. Lieutenant David McIntire says a look at the numbers over the last decade shows that drunk driving numbers have decreased.

“I’ve been here since 1996,” says McIntire. “We’ve actually seen that decrease over time with people getting a DWI (on New Year’s Eve) as far as our numbers are concerned.”

McIntire also believes the ramifications of getting caught also resonate. “It never hurts that people are aware that there is a penalty. That will keep honest people honest knowing that there may be a checkpoint.”

Extra officers will be on patrol to enforce all traffic laws. McIntire gives a number of seven additional members of the police force that will be keeping watch.

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