I don't think that this is what Beyonce had in mind when she directed people to "Put a Ring on It." It seems that a new trend in engagements is instead of getting an engagement ring, couples are getting engagement piercings. Specifically, they are getting a diamond embedded in their finger.

It's called dermal engagement piercing, and it's all the rage on Instagram. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a real trend in real life, but it is happening.

The procedure is kind of like getting an ear pierced. The diamond, or whatever the person chooses, is connected to an anchor that is embedded under the the skin of the finger.

Embedding something in your finger may look cool, but there are some issues that people have encountered. Professional piercer Adrian Castillo told Teen Vogue that "[t]he rejection rate is very high and the scarring can be pretty bad... They sit on the surface of the skin so they are very prone to getting snagged."

Castillo said that because the fingers are going in and out of pockets and handling lots of different items, there is a real risk of catching the jewelry on something and cause rejection which can lead to infection.

Is this a real trend, or a small group of people doing something kooky? I don't know. I do know that it is a great opportunity for TV news people and internet writers to complain about those darn Millennials.

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