According to a recent survey, farmers have more sex than any other profession. In fact, over 33% of farmers claimed to have sex at least once a day. We're not sure if that's bunk or brag but they top the list. But, here's a few reasons why this could be true:

Farmers have plenty of acres to get away for a bit. A barn over there, three silos over there. And plenty of acres once the crops are knee-high. And don't forget about the hay bales in the fields.

There's very little "getting away for a moment" for us city folk. I have a shed. There are too many pokey things in there. I could break my back on a lawnmower wheel. And don't even think about getting romantic in there with a candle. Too many gas cans to mention. Even if we took precautions against a fuel explosion by setting the gas cans outside the shed, the kids would soon catch on. "Well, mom and dad are in the shed again. The gas cans are outside. Looks like we're on our own for the next few minutes." And "Mom always looks so happy when she puts away the rake. And it's so nice of dad to help."

The other professions that see the most sex are:
2. Architects
3. Hairdressers
4. Advertising Specialists
T-5. Teachers
T-5. Lawyers

Source: Irish Mirror

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