Key Points:

  • Several courses at CTE teaches students about financial responsibility.
  • Students learn how smart financial choices today will impact their future
  • Courses are available to all Sioux Falls high school students.

Courses offered by the Career and Technical Education Academy in Sioux Falls hopes to teach high school students how to use credit cards and manage money in a responsible way.

KSFY reports that Financial Planner Christina Lynn has caught on to the frightening trend. "Our young students are graduating from high school unprepared for making good financial decisions when they leave the nest."

The CTE's Academy of Finance is offering courses to high school students teaching them to be financially savvy at a young age.

Courses include Accounting 1 and 2 and Intro to Financial Services.  Students also get real-world experience at the Sioux Falls Citibank.

Teacher Penny Brunken says, "So as a business perspective, we learn how they track people and how they try to help people make sure people pay on time, and also provide opportunities and provide good service."

Brunken says she wants students to know the choices they make now impact their future. "Your credit score should be very good because you want to buy that first car or that first house and you want to be very consumer savvy."

CTE's financial courses are available to all Sioux Falls high school students by contacting their school counselor.

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