If you access the City of Sioux Falls website on a regular basis you'll notice some changes coming very soon.

Beginning November 15, the site is updating its look and even going with a different web address - transitioning from SiouxFalls.org to SiouxFalls.gov.

The city is highlighting several new  features on the revamped site:

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  • Translation Services. Built-in translation services will reduce barriers to accessing necessary information
  • Events. Stay informed about upcoming events and meetings through a centralized City calendar
  • Easy-to-Find Information. Improved on-site search means less clicking through different departments for services.
  • Enhanced Security. The city has partnered with the federal Cyber and Information Security Agency to acquire the .gov domain, meaning it's a trusted source

Don't worry if you forget to type in the new .gov address, the city says existing siouxfalls.org pages will redirect to their new location on siouxfalls.gov.

Also, city email addresses will also be updated to siouxfalls.gov. Emails sent to siouxfalls.org email addresses will continue to be delivered.

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