Can you believe M&Ms are celebrating their 75th anniversary? They were created during World War II as a chocolaty snack for soldiers.

Well brace yourself, because coming soon you'll have another reason to cheer the chocolate that "melts in your mouth, not in your hands." Mars Chocolate, the maker of M&Ms, has revealed their latest flavor creation: Caramel M&Ms.

The caramel-filled candies will be a bit bigger than regular M&Ms and took years and millions of dollars to develop. Engineers and scientists had to create specific methods and equipment to fill the hard-shelled candy with a soft center and yet make sure the candy wouldn't collapse in packaging and shipping. Mars Chocolate also has invested $100 million to build a new manufacturing plant in Topeka, Kansas.

However, we'll  all have to wait a bit to sink our teeth into what promises to be another tasty entry into the M&Ms world, because they won't be hitting retail stores until May of 2017. Now if they'd only put caramel into the dark chocolate M&Ms, I'd be over the moon!

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