Just released is "Words Of Love" --  the first video from the new Beatles collection, On Air - Live At The BBC, Vol. 2. The video features digitally enhanced archival footage of the group while their July 16th, 1963 recording of the 1957 Buddy Holly track recorded for their Pop Goes The Beatles series plays. The song was cut for the "Beeb" -- as it's affectionately referred to -- over a year before the band officially recorded it for their fourth album, 1964's Beatles For Sale.

Paul McCartney recalled that apart from songwriting, Buddy Holly actually inspired him and John Lennon in other ways: "The thing about Buddy was, whereas Elvis (Presley) was this unattainable, gorgeous, god; Buddy was the boy next door. And I remember John being particularly pleased -- he could now put his glasses on. 'Cause John had big horn-rimmed glasses that he always had to take off when we played or when there were girls around. John, of course couldn't see a bloody thing -- he really was very short-sighted -- so, he was very pleased when Buddy came around, 'cause he (could) actually put his horn-rims on and felt like a dude."