Regardless on how long you've been alive, you've seen some unbelievable, unforgettable, and unsettling things in your lifetime.

In the more than 50 years I've walked the planet, I've seen assassinations, wars, natural disasters, countless triumphs of the human spirit, the fall of communism, man walking on the moon, and a host of technological marvels. But what about transformation the earth itself has undergone during that time?

The BBC now has an interactive website that will chart those changes for you, from population growth, to the size of the hole in the ozone layer, to the number of species that have been declared extinct.

For instance, in my lifetime:

  • The planet's population has grown by more than 4.1 billion people
  • There have been 115 solar eclipses
  • The temperature of the planet has gone up 0.9 degrees
  • The earth has traveled more than 30 billion miles around the sun

What's happened in your lifetime?

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