The latest death from someone attempting to climb Mount Everest has sparked a debate over whether or not to add a age limit to climbing the mountain.

A 85 year old man was attempting to regain his title as the oldest person to climb Everest when he passed away in the process.

The latest man to die passed away on Saturday evening at the Everest base camp.

Another 80+ year old died back in 2011 at age 82 while attempting to climb the mountain as well.

Currently, Nepal has a age requirement of 16 to climb the mountain, but there is no age limit in place.

According to the Associated Press, officials are discussing a potential limit of 76 years old as the harsh weather conditions and low oxygen levels seem to be the most concerning for older climbers.


One of the most deadly years was just two years ago during the 2015 season in which 19 people were killed and over 60 were injured by an avalanche that was the result of a earthquake.

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