Last Saturday the Outdoor Campus held their annual Women's Try-It Day. My wife did this about seven or eight years ago and had fun at it. This time she took our 9-year-old daughter Jackie with the intention of having a s'maco and do a little fishing.

Jackie got to do some fishing the previous weekend when we were camping at Snake Creek Recreation Area near Platte. There's a little kids fishing pond and she pulled herself a crappie out. So She had some recent history to know what it feels like to have a fish strike. This time she got into a little bit bigger fight than she was expecting.

Crystal Erickson

She baited her own hook and cast her own line. Then her bobber took a dip and started moving sideways. She raised her tip to set the hook. It was pretty tough to reel it in. After getting snagged on some weeds numerous times the previous weekend she thought she caught some more weeds. Then the bobber came back up and headed under the dock. Definitely not weeds!

Crystal Erickson

She fought and fought and got some net help from the guys who were helping everyone out. When it was all said and done she had reeled in a 24-inch catfish. She still didn't want to touch it for the picture, but she did bait the hook. One of my sons seems to have an interest as well so we may become a fishing family, which I would be okay with.

Crystal Erickson

A similar event is coming up on August 4 when the Outdoor Campus holds its annual Outdoor University event, which is for everyone. We've attended that several times and you can do some fishing, archery, kayaking, and a bunch of other stuff as well.

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