If you've noticed it getting a bit more crowded in South Dakota in the past couple of years you're not imagining things.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2022, the population of the Mount Rushmore State has grown by more than 23,000 people - from 886,677 to 909,824.

Each one of those 23,147 people has their own unique reason for relocating here, but no one has sung about it.

Until now.

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Stand-up comedian turned parody musician Remy Munasifi has attracted quite the following online, where his videos have been viewed more than 98 million times on his 'GoRemy' page, which boasts 194.000 subscribers.

His latest video is all about leaving behind the Big Apple for the land of the Big Sioux River.

It's called 'Moving to South Dakota'.

In case you missed anything, here are the lyrics:

Shopping for detergent but it's all locked up
The tax man and a guy in the alley want to take my stuff
Finally, get to my door and I see Rob
That's the moment I discover that I stepped in a human log

That's why I'm moving to South Dakota
To a freer place that doesn't only view me as a ticket quota
I'm scraping human feces out the treads of my loafer
I wonder if I would be doing this if I lived down in Sarasota
Or South Dakota

I live in a box
It costs three grand a month
With bars on the windows so that people do not steal my stuff
The schools are…eh
My kid can't read
But to be fair to the teachers it is possible that she can't see

That's why I'm moving to South Dakota
To a place that isn't making me pay extra taxes on my soda
My bathroom toilet's four feet from my stove-ah
I hear it's better in a bunch of other places out in Arizona
Or South Dakota

As I sang that verse the schools got worse
How I wish that I could pause it
I get this thought each time I'm robbed and I'm hiding in my closet

I'm moving to South Dakota
To a place that doesn't over-tax and over-ticket my Toyota
I just Googled "human feces danger contact disease sole of my loafer"
It's times like this that have folks finding freer places they can go to
Like South Dakota

It's unclear what Remy's true motives are behind the song, but a lot of the comments on his YouTube page are digging the South Dakota vibes:

'While I've never been to South Dakota, as someone who moved from Colorado to Texas last year I felt this song on a spiritual level.'

'SD: No income tax, second cheapest auto insurance in the country, and you only need to stay a single night to become a resident. $500 and two hours effort for state license, registration. Easiest move I ever made.'

'Exactly why we moved from Ca to SD last year. Best decision ever 😊❤️🇺🇸'

'South Dakotan here. Aside from the cold ass winters this place is great.'

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