M&Ms have a long and interesting history. The tasty little chocolate candies been around since 1941 and were originally invented so that soldiers serving in tropical climates during World War II could carry chocolate without having it melt.

The peanut variety has been around since 1954, but came only in a tan color. Believe it or not, world famous M&Ms weren't even introduced internationally until the 1980s. The now traditional holiday-colored M&Ms were first produced in 1986 and a multitude of flavors and colors have followed.

Now M&Ms is launching another flavor vote like they did in 2016. The limited-edition flavors they are asking you to vote on include: Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Mint. Each flavor is made with dark chocolate and the "crunchy" element is the rice crisp center. The results will be announced in August.

"All three new M&M flavors are available now and voting for the best flavor is open until May 25. Fans can vote for their favorite M&M flavor once a day by uploading or taking a selfie at flavorvote.mms.com. or by texting VOTE to 84444."

My personal M&M favorite? Dark chocolate peanut, hands down. I could eat those until I explode and because of that; I rarely buy them. They really can be an addictive vice, if you let them. (I did try the Espresso crispy ones yesterday and they're not bad but I'll stick with my faves).

They truly are the perfect combo of crunchy peanuts and dark chocolate. Tryptophan from the peanuts to soothe your soul and antioxidants for heart health from the chocolate. Geez, now that I think about it, they're actually good  for me. Perhaps destroying a bag of them wouldn't be such a crime. Hmm?

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