For the better part of the last 50 years, the Kernels of Mitchell High School have been represented by various forms of the above likeness of Cornelius, their beloved mascot.

What else would you expect from the town that features the world's only Corn Palace?

But apparently the days of the fun-loving, smiling from ear-to-ear (see what I did there?), lovable mascot are numbered.

The folks in Mitchell are on the lookout for new tougher, edgier Cornelius, and they need you help.

The school district is considering three 'upgrades' to their longtime mascot:

Option 1 - A snarling Cornelius sporting his natural green and gold.

New Mitchell Logo 1
Mitchell High School

Option 2 - Same snarl, only this time repping the school colors - black and gold.

New Mitchell Logo 2
Mitchell High School

Option 3 - Half corn, half human.

New Mitchell Logo 3
Mitchell High School

Which one is your favorite?

Cast your official vote here.

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