If you could ask Paul McCartney anything, what would you ask?

Paul McCartney has announced that he'll be answering fans' questions on his new revamped website, PaulMcCartney.com. Once a month "Macca's" web team will select the "best" fan question for McCartney to answer on the site. Fans are able to send in as many questions as they want and the winners will be notified by email.

Despite the incredible wealth he's attained over the past 50 years, McCartney maintains that he and John Lennon enjoyed the money their songs earned, but it was hardly the main reason they wrote all the Beatles' classics: "It's never really been a material ambition, y'know? I mean I remember we did used to sit around when we were just starting and we started to get our glimpse of number ones and we did sit 'round and kind of think, 'Okay, now we'll write a swimming pool, y'know, let's write a swimming pool. Let's write the garage and let's write the car to go in it.' Y'know? But that was never really the big incentive. I don't think that's what made us write the songs. So now, that in part of the incentive isn't particularly there because y'know, I've got the car and the garage. But I don't really think it was every what I was writing for or else I probably wouldn't write now."