A man armed with a belt did some damage, but ultimately the Sioux Falls man was overtaken by a more powerful weapon.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens describes what happened on Friday night just before midnight between two men near 10th Street and Summit Avenue.

“As (the victim) was walking, another guy came up to him. (The suspect) had a belt in his hand and threatened him with that. He told him he wanted everything that was in his pockets. The victim (age 39) gave him a cell phone, then the suspect used that belt and hit the man, then he left.”

From there the suspect made his way toward an apartment building in the 100 block of South Summit Avenue. Clemens says a 22-year old woman was leaving the building and while she was walking to her car, the suspect tried again.

“This same suspect walked up to her. He held this belt up in the air like he was going to hit her. Then he dropped it to the ground. It sounds like he wanted to go into that building. It’s a secure building, so she wouldn’t let him in. He picked up the belt and swung it at her. She had some pepper spray. She sprayed him, then ran to her car.”

Police arrived shortly after the defensive maneuver with the pepper spray and after a short foot chase, the 30-year old suspect of Sioux Falls was taken into custody and charged with first-degree robbery, two counts of aggravated assault and fleeing police.

The victims did not need medical treatment after being slapped by the suspect’s belt.

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