Several reports of loud unexplained booms came in Saturday from around the Sioux Falls and Hartford areas.  Here's a few posts from Twitter on what this could possibly be:

"So did anyone in SE SD hear any of the loud BOOMS last night? a few of us heard one in viborg, earlier some were heard in sioux falls and harrisburg. someone reported that it was heard in hudson. our fire department went out to investigate and only found a farm family out roasting marshmallows.....anywhoo report on a "weather" related level point to the fact that we had a big change in temperature and or something like "frost quakes" from the ground. anyone ever experience this or hear of this. i thought it quite interesting that it could happen cause the BOOM i heard shook our windows and made our dogs go nuts. (and for the rest of the night every little door slam out front they barked and barked like the world was coming to an end!) - Cheryl Ness - Facebook


Strange loud booms??? I heard these several times this afternoon while I was running errands. They were loud enough to get my attention.

Posted by Cissy Buhler on Saturday, February 27, 2016

While it is still uncertain as to what these strange noises could have been, the National Weather Service of Sioux Falls offers this theory:

After thinking a thing could be happening is this. There is a very sharp temperature change not too far off the surface (about 500 ft) tonight due to the warmer air aloft and fast cooling here at the ground. It's possible that as some aircraft are landing that this sound is bouncing off this temperature 'inversion.' It's a theory." - Argus leader

Did you here any loud booms over the weekend?

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